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For LGBT couples who wish to be married and are living in states that are still fighting the equality battle,  take a trip to New York City and have an exhilarating and budget friendly wedding ceremony in Central Park or similar iconic New York City site.

Celebrate your marriage by enjoying the sights, sounds, cultural and entertainment opportunities that New York City has to offer. See some theater, go to a concert, museums, restaurants, and then bring equality home with you.

Since the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, Attorney General Holder is pro-actively extending marriage equality federally for same sex "legally married" couples. Courts around the USA are upholding the rights of same sex couples' who were married in other states.  Even in states that are still fighting the battles of yesterday, your rights will be upheld in federal court. While it is important to extend equality in every state, it is also important for you to protect your rights now.  Get WED in NYC and bring equality home with you.  Become a fact on the ground.

We will be proud and delighted to help you to Get WED in NYC      *10% of WED in NYC's fee wiil be donated to organizations working for marriage equality*

All weddings are moving and meaningful, but same-sex weddings have a special resonance because as LGBT people we have been denied the right to marry until now; consequently, many people who are getting married today have been together for many years. One of the couples who I recently pronounced legally married have been together for over 50 years!

I received a card from a couple whose wedding I officiated at Hudson River Park in New York City, they wrote, " made our day so special we talk about it all the time..." This touched me; because I didn't do anything but tell them their own story.

I will send you an outline of your ceremony and together we will use this as a structure to custom design your wedding.

We will create a ceremony that honors your past, celebrates your present and empowers you for the future.

Whether you’ve been partners for a year or two, or if you have made a home together for half a century, I want to tell your story and give your relationship the honor it deserves.




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