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What Our Clients Have to Say

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremoonmy.  You were able to make us all feel close and united even though everything was done via zoom.  Thank you for working with us and making a bespoke occasion.  We appreciate your help to create a memorable story that we will cherish for life.
Ityng & walid

Wonderful to work with, would recommend to everyone! Stephen was absolutely the perfect officiant for us! He made an effort to get to know us as a couple before he came and was extremely professional every step of the way. We were so glad to have him there for our special moment. We initially spoke over the phone about our private tea ceremony, he listened and respected our values, given that it was a unique ceremony. My whole family was so happy to have him there. He was on time, delivered the speech well, and made our experience so positive. If you want an officiant who really cares and makes an effort to make your special ceremony your own, pick Stephen!
Jullie & George

Terrific Wedding Officiant! Stephen was a great choice to conduct our wedding. He knew exactly what we wanted and was completely professional. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any couple who desires a charming, witty and respectful marriage officiant. Thank you Stephen!
Joe and Dan

Highly recommend So much to say about Stephen, he was wonderfully responsive to our emails and provided lots of helpful information for creating what became a beautifully touching wedding day. It was also lovely how he included simple words in Polish & Spanish for our families to feel included during the ceremony. We were truly lucky to find someone who worked hard to provide a thoughtful and caring ceremony. I would highly recommend Stephen as an officiant. Thank you again for helping to make our wedding day amazing!
Rosa & Peter

Repeat customer Stephen officiated our first daughters wedding. He made it very special and touching. We recently had a death of a grandparent and he managed to weave that into the ceremony. Not a dry eye. We were so happy that 2 years later, he officiated our 2nd daughters wedding. He made it equally as touching and humorous.

Intimate Wedding in Central Park Stephen was delicious with us from the beginning. He helped us choosing the location, writing the ceremony and was super flexible with the dates we were available. He gave us a lot of helpful suggestions based on his extensive experience.. everything was just perfect. His personal touch to the ceremony was fantastic..he brought even more joy to the moment!  Highly recommended to everyone.. thank you again Stephen!
Marco & Marianna

Absolutely satisfied. Couldn't have picked a better officiant! We came all the way from Germany to get married in New York city. I contacted a few other vendors before I finally found Stephen. He was the only one who replied quickly and with more than one sentence. He took time to explain things and was always very helpful and flexible. We couldn't have been happier with our decision to have Stephen do our ceremony. We would fully recommend him, he loves what he is doing and is a great man! Thank you Stephen for making our special day so unforgettable.
Melanie & Dominik

Simply Amazing. Stephen made our wedding day extremely special. He’s very responsive on all questions we have. He even had a meeting prior the wedding to discuss the details. He made the ceremony very memorable, the words he used really touches our hearts. He made sure that we enjoyed the moment as he will make sure that you’re both comfortable. 
Areen & James

Everyone from our families and friends was very impressed, and many people said it was the best ceremony they had seen. 

Working with Stephen was an absolute dream! He made both me and my fiancé very comfortable leading up to the ceremony, and worked with us to create a ceremony that represented both of us and our backgrounds really well. After the ceremony, people kept coming up to us complimenting us on how unique and special it was. He always had answers to our questions and a great ability to improvise on the spot. I would highly recommend.
Jess & Rob

We are still taking in the beauty of our ceremony. It could not have been better. We were so honored to have Stephen tell our story!  He really helped us feel as relaxed as possible on our big day. And it couldn't have been easier communicating with him even from so far away!      
Melissa & Marco

We loved the ceremony and will always treasure the memory. We were delighted with the way he led us through our vows. He was charming, winsome, funny and solemn in equal measures and at the right moments.
Kirsten and Renee

Thank you for helping to make our ceremony beautiful and personal. We are so happy!
Regina and Bill

Everyone loved how you did and said all the ceremony! Thanks again!! Will never forget :) 
Maru & Slavi

Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony, it meant so much to us. Not only was it beautiful it was also very meaningful. Thank you for all your help and the service on the day. It was our honor to have you officiate our special day. 
Swathi & Priyanka

Stephen David Dym was the officiant at my wedding. He was very responsive during the planning process and very organized. He made planning a non religious ceremony very easy as he incorporated both myself and my husband's personalities and stories into the program. He was very personable and got the attention of the guests. He also answered any questions I had as well as assisted with planning the perfect ceremony. I highly recommend his services as an officiant!
Bridget & John

Stephen went above and beyond to make our wedding so special. His guidance and preparation made us feel very secure knowing how successful the day would be. The ceremony went super smooth and Stephen ad-libbed some fine narrative in just the right places. He made it memorable and quite emotional. Highly recommended.
Katharine & Ben

Thank you so much for the wonderful and personal ceremony. It truly was a very "New York" event!   It was awesome!  
Kelly & Jeff

... thank you for providing such a wonderful ceremony for Gianna and I. You were able to provide such an incredible experience, especially with such a short notice. Gianna and I absolutely loved it and we received so many compliments from our guest. It will definitely be a part of our lives that we will remember forever. Thank you so much!
Gianna & Andrew

Our wedding was better than we could of hoped for, we loved how [Stephen] personalised our ceremony with a story of us. Millie did a great job with the photographs, the background looks amazing almost like a painting....
Tracy & Ben

If you're reading this you have struck gold! Working with Stephen on our wedding in New York was like a dream. He is so knowledgeable about New York and the history of Marriage in this State.He is very easy to work with and took all of the hassle out of our hands. We were travelling with around 35 guests from the UK (most of which had never been to NYC before).He provided us with tips and information that really helped our stay and the planning of our wedding. Then on the day it’s self he really made the wedding personal to my guests and we were delighted by his theatrical style and good humour during the ceremony. 5 Star service at a very reasonable price!
Paul & Ricky

We highly recommend Stephen for all your wedding arrangements in New York, but would also like to say you will not find a better wedding officiant. He is kind, welcoming, interested and tailored our ceremony so it was really personal to us. Stephen will be a life long friend and yours too. In addition to the kindness and wonderful personality, he is very organised and efficient and will not let you down. To have a real "New Yorker" involved in your wedding plans really does make the difference. His knowledge is endless and with our 45 guest wedding party, he proved invaluable.
Sarah & Phil

Any couple would be lucky to have Stephen officiate their wedding! He is the consummate professional from beginning to end and provides his clients with a completely customized ceremony. In advance of the event, Stephen met with us in person to get to know us so that he could make our ceremony an extremely personal one -- tailored both to us as a couple as well as individuals. In fact, he did such a great job and so impressed our guests that a cousin who was to marry soon after asked him to officiate at her wedding as well. I couldn't recommend him more highly!
Ken & Phillip

we absolutely loved our Officiant, Stephen Dym. His enthusiasm during our ceremony was awesome...and very endearing.
Ashley and JD

The ceremony itself was very special and much more personal than we actually thought [it would be]. The wedding party was able to circle around us and be really close to us. The speeches given by Stephen, our wedding officiant,  were really personal and also touched my somewhat critical and traditional parents. 
Chris and Woon hui

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special
Tracy & Ben

The ceremony was perfect. Thank you so much, for everything! You did a great job.​
Justine & Michael

Thank you so much for a beautiful ceremony! We had an amazing time and thank you for making it so special!   We are currently waiting at the gate to leave to Bali and will send you pictures when we get back.
Nina & Ross

Thank you so much for everything! You gave us such a magical ceremony and we had the most perfect day! 
Ally & Nate

Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony so wonderfully.  We really appreciate it!
Anthony and Mingming

Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony!! Everybody loved it. So happy that we chose you to officiate.. The best decision!! 
Gary and Ken

Working with Stephen on our wedding in New York was like a dream.  He is so knowledgeable about New York and the history of Marriage in this State.  He is very easy to work with and took all of the hassle out of our hands. We were travelling with around 35 guests from the UK (most of which had never been to NYC before). He provided us with tips and information that really helped our stay and the planning of our wedding.  Then on the day it’s self he really made the wedding personal to my guests and we were delighted by his theatrical style and good humour during the ceremony. 5 Star service at a very reasonable price!
Paul & Ricky

Thank you Stephen! We are so thankful to you for our amazing memories!  We received our certification in the mail Monday!  :)
Lexi & Aaron

Thank you so much for all you did to put together our ceremony and for customizing to our wishes.  It was a pleasure...
Ben & Robin

Thank you so much for the ceremony, it touched us and is wonderful as is your energy.
Jayne & Andy

Stephen made the ceremony so special for us
Leigh & Vicky

Stephen...was beyond sweet and really made the ceremony special
Christine and Brandon

 ...we absolutely loved our Officiant, Stephen Dym. His enthusiasm during our ceremony was awesome...and very endearing. 
Ashley and JD Todd

Stephen, ... created a wonderful, individual, personal ceremony for us.  He had really paid attention to what we had told him about ourselves.
Lara and Ian

It was as though you completely understood our history and hopes for the future.  
Elena & Troy

Lyncoln and I wanted to thank you again for making our ceremony so beautiful and totally us. It was exactly what we hoped for! We can not thank you enough
Denise & Lyncoln

Jennifer asked me to see if I could get a copy of the ceremony outline that you used to perform our service, which was "the best ever"! Thanks again for your creativity in making our day special.
Shawn & Jennifer

...our ceremony yesterday, was really us! It was a real pleasure to meet you and share our experience with you.  
Natasha and Paul

...You where just our idea of the perfect minister for the ceremony and we so appreciated your kind and thoughtful words. We had a day to remember and cherish, ...We will be highly recommending you so that others can enjoy your talents       
Alan and Joanne

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did officiating our wedding. You were very beautifully composed. We are so happy to have met you and loved having you be part of our very special day
Eugene & Shawn

You were so perfect for us and did such and amazing job!!!  
Christina & Brandon

Thanks again for everything.  The ceremony was wonderful and perfect!  
Eugene & Shawn

LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!!!!   We couldn't have asked for more. THANKS FOR MAKING OUR DAY VERY SPECIAL. You ‘re the best!
Elsie & Ken

Thank you so much. This [the text of our ceremony] is wonderful,  as is your energy.    
Jayne & Andy

Thank you again for the lovely ceremony!
Robert & Diana

If you want a truly unique wedding tailored to your personalities.  Stephen is the officiant to do it.  He got to know us really well before we were married then tailored our ceremony to our personalities.  Couldn't have wished for a better wedding or a better person to marry us.  
Anita & Lee

We just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday, you were brilliant. Your enthusiasm and energy lit up our ceremony and made it so memorable! We'll never forget our perfect day and we're so happy that you were such s big part of it.
Gemma and Charlie

Tamara and I are so happy about the way you celebrated this important step in our lives. You have created a wonderful 'wedding story' for us and, as you have surely noticed, touched our hearts - we will never forget!. We wish you all the best for the future and that many other couples will experience the "Stephen-Way" which is full of dedication!
Tamara & Frank

Thank you again for making our ceremony so personal and wonderful. It was truly a pleasure working through the event with you the last few days.
Paul & Doug

Thank you for today and everything you have done for us.  It was a lovely ceremony and you made it all very special for us.
Chris & Ruth

Stephen had prepared a beautiful felt really special and personal...Thank you Stephen ...for such a wonderful day  
Lara & Ian

Thank you for your warm thoughts and generous insights as we prepared to be (and continue to be) Married!!
Roxanne and Justin

Thank you so much!  You did an outstanding job performing our ceremony; everything was amazing.
Scott and Patrick

Thank you for a beautiful intimate ceremony
Lexi and Kevin

Thank you for making our day special, and for making our New York experience wonderful
Robert & Roderick

WOW!  What a beautiful ceremony! Our family was very moved and touched by our wedding... so grateful to you Stephen, ...for your exquisite presentation

Perfect, lovely, just what we wanted. I'm so glad we chose you
Sam and Janet

Thank you so much for yesterday! It worked out just right. You are an excellent guide into the future!

Stephen's professionalism and experience made our big day stress-free. His warm and insightful personality set the tone for an absolutely perfect day of celebration. We couldn't have chosen a better officiant
Kelly & Mary

Our friends and family are still raving about what a wonderful job you did… if you ever need any references, it would be my honor to provide them. 
Ken & Philip

We had a wonderful day and we were more than pleased with how you presented our marriage to us... It is a monumental moment in NY's history and in my life to be able to have equal rights in marriage.
Shawn and George

Our wedding was everything we had hoped for and so much more! You will always be a part of this special day. We will remember you always for making this such a memorable  day.
Mike & Steve

Your ability to open yourself and everyone else to be a channel is such a blessing. We received so many complements about you and naturally we are thrilled at how everything went.
Daniel and George

Our friends and family members were most impressed with the sincerity and warmth of the ceremony. They thought we were personal friends.You have an open invitation to use us as a reference
Tor and Peter

You totally understood what we wanted and you were so amazing to work with us to create the perfect ceremony.
Stacy & Tony

You came to know us so quickly and then gave us a ceremony more beautiful than we could have asked for. We are still aglow…Your words touched us and your spirit moved us.
Ashley & Charlie

What you did for us yesterday was nothing short of wonderful. We will never forget the magnificence that you brought into our wedding day.
Rebeca & Dave

Thank you for creating a wonderful wedding ceremony for us.
Todd & Christopher

Your suggestions and input helped to make our ceremony a personal and memorable experience.
Betty & Paul

The ceremony was absolutely wonderful and all our guests were very impressed with you, thank you for your superb contribution to our special day.
Sam & Warren

Thank you for everything the ceremony was beautiful.
Marie & Nigel

Our friends and family could not stop talking about how wonderful the ceremony was.
Ellen & Rob

It was such a great pleasure to get married by you, we enjoyed every single moment of the ceremony.
Kim & Sam

Thank you for making our wedding cool.
Luba & YunNa

You are very inspiring and touched us all.
Michelle & Walter

Thank you so much! It was amazing and you were wonderful.
Richard & Meenaksi

…We appreciate all you did helping us plan this with such short notice. YOU WERE AWSOME, You truly made our special day a day to fondly remember and be proud of!
Jim & George

You were incredible. People still can’t get over your delivery! They all said that this is one of the most beautiful ceremonies they have ever heard or seen.
Yelena & Brian

The response and comments from our friends and family has been overwhelming and so complimentary. From start to finish – you put me and Phil at ease…the service was simply amazing. I couldn’t have imagined how inspiring and moving your words could be! Out of this world!
Sarah & Phil

Our Wedding was such a wonderful day thanks to you. Your words with our story made such a wonderful ceremony. You have such a way and everything was covered. I will recommend you to everyone I know and even those I don’t.
Bill & Don

Thank you SO much for performing our ceremony, it was perfect, just right.
Bily & Matt

You were amazing. Everyone said so. Thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words.
Glenn & Joey

So many of our guests commented on how touching the …ceremony was. Please feel free to give my name out as a reference to future couples. We truly can’t thank you enough.
Tanaya & Greg

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